gordon runkle

Tables and Chairs on a Patio (B&W)

Arrangement of metal tables and chairs on a slabstone patio. Each table has three chairs arranged around it in triangle shapes. The tables are arranged in two parallel lines which also form a parallelogram.

Sweeping Peaks

Peaks and the remains of last year's foliage along the sweeping curve of Pergola Garden at Minnehaha Falls Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Industrial Fire Escape #1 (B&W)

Multi-storey fire escape mounted on a brick wall, with doors and windows.

Vault Detail #1

Detail in one of the exterior vaults at National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

Monochromatic Blossom

The Grief and Tragedy of War, Detail #1

This statue recognizes and honors the family members bearing the sacrafice at home during America's wars. Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial, Rochester, MN.

Abstract in Driftwood #1

Abstract shape in driftwood.

Push for Help

Emergency phone, stainless steel.

Gone (B&W)

An empty park bench along a brick path in a deserted park.

Ride Control

Spring assembly on a railroad freight car truck.

Vintage Lamp-Post #1 (B&W)

A no-longer-used lamp-post on the Upper Post at Fort Snelling State Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Light from Above

A light fixture in the ceiling of one of the box seats in Concert Hall at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Creepy Doll Head Antenna Ornament

Creepy Doll Head Antenna Ornament

Old fence in Winter #1 (B&W)

The remains of an old wooden fence stand in the snow. Black and White treatment.

Frosty Window #1

Frost patterns in a window, macro view.

'Robot 7' Portrait (B&W)

Wind-up metal 'Robot 7' toy.

Indian Motorcycles

Vintage sign spotted in LaClaire, Iowa.

Line of Lamps

Lamps at the Basillica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC.

Rusty Wheel Against Old Barn

B-17G: Aluminum Overcast on Short Final (B&W)

Aluminum Overcast, a B-17G owned by the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association), spent the weekend at Rochester International Airport (RST) in Rochester, Minnesota.

Soaking up the Sun

Chimney Tree #1

A lonely tree growing in a disused chimney.

Auburn Hood Ornament #1

1935 Auburn Speedster 851 (detail)

Reflection from the Past #1


The frog end of a railroad switch, leading to a siding.

Silent Thunder

A Civil War cannon stands silently at Manassas Battlefield National Park in Manassas, Virginia.

Storehouse, Mount Vernon

Storehouse at Mount Vernon, Virginia, home of George Washington.


View of the north ladder of the rail yard at the grain terminal in Winona, Minnesota.

Angels of Caring, Detail #1

This statue, created by Scott Nelson, recognizes and honors the medics and nurses who saved so many lives in America's wars. Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial, Rochester, MN.

Weathered Gusset

Detail of a gusset on an old bridge at Quarry Hill in Rochester, Minn.

Stair Noir

Lamp on a Brick Wall

Hard Duty

Pipes and Meters

Double Doors

Barge cleats and rope

Cleats and rope on a US Army Corps of Engineers work barge on the Mississippi River at Le Claire, Iowa.

Convoluted Path

Belt runs on an old combine thresher.

Old and New